April 2, 2015

@amhistorymuseum Who’s Rabbit, if hens are women? How does voting once every 4yrs stop women doing what they do every day? #LogicFail

Irish yarn, from rare-breed Galway sheep! Want some? http://ow.ly/Kc9jl


February 1, 2015


Ermagerd, my Tagetes Cardigan is on page 5 of Hot Right Now!!! Highest EVAR for me!!! @KnitPicks #ravelry http://ow.ly/GRw7b

Less than $300, £170, €210 to go, and the surprises keep coming… #MidwesternKnits http://ow.ly/BKYTq

I’ve been doing a giddy happy dance since this design was accepted – more info here!

My Utility Corset is pre-apocalyptically styled by @alex_tinsley in @KnitEdge! #b4theEndTimes http://ow.ly/zBUrY


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